Forerunner in indoor air quality

Elixair Oy

Elixair was founded in 1976. Elixair air purifiers are all manufactured in Turku, Finland by following strict quality criteria.

Elixair is mostly know for it’s high quality purifiers in homes and public places. We also have a collection of products for the industries that are unique and being sold around the world.

Our knowhow is based on over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and R&D.

Our devices are energysaving and ekological. The electrical filters are fully washable and we do not use disposable filters in our devices

Efficient air purification

Electric filtering

Elixair air purifiers are based on electrical filtering, which can filter even the most smallest particles. With Elixair air purifying technology you can filter 99,8 % of the indoor air impurities and small particles.